Geely, the proprietor of Polestar and Volvo, is launching a new “high-end electrified product series” in a bid to take on the pinnacle EV contenders like Tesla and BYD. The first utterly electric-powered automobile from the sub-brand is slated to launch earlier than the give-up of the year.

Chinese automobile massive Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. Ltd., or virtually Geely as its nicely-known, commenced its quest towards sustainable transportation rapidly after obtaining the typical Swedish automaker Volvo from Ford in 2010.

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The acquisition gave Geely get admission to Volvo’s advanced technological know-how and understanding of safety, design, and engineering. Perhaps, greater importantly, Geely additionally won get right of entry to Volvo’s racing partner, Polestar, which the automaker sold out in 2015.

Geely and Volvo deepened their relationship in 2021, vowing to collaborate on next-generation electric-powered pressure technology.

The partnership has paid off with the success of Volvo’s C40 and XC40 Recharge electric powered SUVs, as income greater than doubled.

However, the Geely company extends some distance past simply Volvo. Geely additionally operates a company of cars underneath its very own title alongside Geometry – its mass-market EV unit, and Zeekr, its top-class clever EV brand.

To higher compete in the hastily increasing EV market, Geely is including some other high-end electric-powered companies in its portfolio referred to as Geely Galaxy.


Geely launches new high-end EV brand

At a flagship tournament in Hangzhou Thursday, the Chinese automaker introduced that its top-class electrified collection would be referred to as Geely Galaxy.

Geely teased a mysterious electric-powered sedan remaining month that seemed to vaguely resemble a longer Tesla Model S and Lotus (another Geely brand) combination.


The Geely Galaxy manufacturer will launch seven new electrified products, which include three absolutely electric-powered automobiles beneath the pure Galaxy E range. The first up will be the Galaxy E8, scheduled for transport in the fourth quarter of 2023.

According to the automaker, Geely’s most recent sub-brand will function with its modern battery protection technological know-how and new Galaxy N-Operating system, permitting its fashions the quickest device startup and response in its class.

More details, such as variety and pricing, will be printed at a later date.


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